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Broadcast Bulk Message

Broadcast to Thousands in Minutes with SendBM's WhatsApp API Without getting banned on WhatsApp.

Talk To Customer On WhatsApp

SendBm helps businesses and individuals to reach out to their customers using WhatsApp Cloud API's with 100% delivery rates.

Campaign Administration

Facilitate the management of sales and marketing communications.

Message Scheduling

Arrange and broadcast campaigns based on your schedule.

Enhanced Connections

Communicate with your contacts in their preferred language, whatever it may be.

Broadcast to Multiple Contacts

Generate and execute campaigns directly to each contact through WhatsApp.

Expand Your Business in Rapidly Growing Economies

Support for hundreds of languages and dialects enables you to connect with a broader customer base.

Compose Messages in WhatsApp Compliance

Adhere to the WhatsApp process for crafting pre-approved messages.

Loved by 6200+ Peoples across the world

We have offered consultation and software onboarding with WhatsApp API to individual, small and medium size businesses as well as enterprise and government.
“SendBm has solved our problem of getting banned often on WhatsApp."
- Robert Bruse
“SendBm is the perfect tool for us to maximize our ROI on WhatsApp marketing "
- Sarah Smith
We have saved big dollars on pay per messaging system of WhatsApp by switching to SendBm
- John William